Członkowie BLI MED

Polish Integration Center

Meeting place for the Polish community in Trondheim

Who are we?

BLI MED! The Polish Integration Center is a non-profit Polish association in Trondheim. The organization was established in 2021 and formalized in May 2022.

We regularly organize thematic meetings, development workshops, free Norwegian language courses, sports activities and more.

The association promotes Polish culture among the inhabitants of Norway by participating in festivals, national holidays and other cultural and social events.

Członkowie BLI MED
Członkowie BLI MED


In addition to meetings and events for members, we also have a section for kids and a sports section.

You can follow our activities on our Facebook profile:

BLI MED! Polsk Integreringssenter


Would you like to become a member of BLI MED! Polish Integration Center, but you don’t know how to do it? Click the button below and you’ll see that it’s nothing difficult.

You can gain great friends and priceless memories!

Członkowie organizacji

Area of activity

Ikona integracji


Integration of the Polish community and integration with the Norwegian community

Ikona współpracy


Together, we are able to organize large, wonderful projects

Ikona rozwoju


We arrange development workshops in various fields for association members

Członkowie organizacji BLI MED


NAME   BLI MED! Polskie Centrum Integracji

ORG.NR. 929125932



Anna Romanowska – chairman

Kamila Stanislawek – vice-chairman

Anna Gawrys – board member

Finn Matras – board member

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